Thursday, February 13, 2014

Backstage at Florida Fashion Week..

Last week, I had a great time working with the crew at Florida Fashion Week in Naples, FL. There were many awesome people involved, including some talented models. I made it a point to make creative, beneficial portraits of these models while backstage, and did so using a lightweight, simple setup. With a little direction, we made these images:

RIP Sterling.

Now, about that lightweight lighting setup (if you want to know)... Everything above was lit with one speedlight, mounted inside a Saberstip modifier. The Saberstrip has become one of my go-to modifiers. Portable, durable and awesome light control. It also looks cool.. much cooler than an umbrella (sorry umbrella).

Here's one of my backstage setup shots. Note - There are two strips in the following photo (L Shape Setup), only the top light is being used.

And this is what it looks like..

Thank you again to the team at Florida Fashion Week.. and to the great models. I enjoyed working with you all.

Till next time,

Brian James

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Roller Skates and Rap Icons..

Roller Skates and Rap Icons.. doesn't sound like these two mesh well, does it? Haha.. When you're making photographs, anything is possible. Model, Jessica Lytle shows us how it's done:

You can't quite see it, but that t-shirt she's rockin' reps N.W.A., one of the most influential rap groups of all time.. "Straight Outta Compton!".

Model: Jessica Lytle
Hair and Makeup: Cassandra Standefer

Till next time,

Brian James.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shooting the man..

In most of my model work, I photograph women.. When it comes to fashion, we normally don't think of men... We think about beautiful girls wearing killer designs. Though, the fashion world for men exists, obviously. To be more familiar and add versatility to my own book, photographing guys will be in the plans..

I recently worked with male model, Zach Hamam. Adding some new work to his portfolio (and at the same time, making images for my own), the goal was a great headshot (a big portion of my current bookings), along with some commercial menswear photographs. I think we nailed it..

Thank you Zach.

Till next time,